About Us

The tract of land that is today called Frog Rock Golf and Country Club and Kerri Brooke Caterers, was in the early 1900s a cranberry bog in the heart of a farmland community. In 1967, Mr. Rock Colasurdo, in collaboration with his wife, Gloria, rediscovered this forgotten area of farm country by attending a municipal land auction. Nature had reclaimed this forgotten tract and instead of a productive bog or rows of cultivated vegetation, which is typical of the community, laid an area overrun by scrub pines and tangled wilderness. And on this wooded postage stamp, a simplistic rustic farmhouse and a modest lake existed.

But in the minds of Rock and Gloria Colasurdo, this one acre austere cranberry bog was brimming with beautiful possibilities. As luck would have it, they were the highest bidders that day with a meager bid of one thousand dollars…the labor of love story of their lives was born. This acre was less than one mile from the original Colasurdo family farm of his youth, and Rock with his wife Gloria set out on what they thought was going to be a journey to create a farm of their own generation and style. However, shortly after the purchase, and over a period of years the ideas of a quaint country inn, golf course, and country club serving exquisite food began to materialize.

The small rustic farmhouse on the property’s frontage was restored to serve the golfers and housed a pro-shop, tavern and small dining area serving lunches. Unbeknownst to the Colasurdos, the dining aspect took over with such zeal that soon additional dining rooms were added along with two banquet rooms. Also added was a new large kitchen which attracted one of the finest chef’s in the area. Quality and consistency of the food along with the atmosphere and accommodating friendliness of personnel have won acclaim of various food editors. Today, Frog Rock Golf & Country Club and Kerri Brooke Caterers have built upon those core principals of quality, consistency and friendliness of service to become leaders in the catering industry. Focused on banqueting services, these picturesque event locations have become a favorite regional designation for corporate events, banquets, parties, meetings, weddings and gatherings of all kinds, large and small.

In 1996, the once nine-hole public golf course of Rock Colasurdo’s design was expanded to an eighteen hole public golf course. The original forgotten cranberry bog is now preserved as the course’s signature par three 19th playoff hole’s water hazard. The natural terrain and surprising elevations on the course are unparalleled locally and make for a challenging but pleasant round of golf.

Now, forty years and another generation later, the Colasurdo family remains forever loyal and linked to this land located in the heart of the National Pinelands Reserve. Frog Rock Golf & Country Club and Kerri Brooke Caterers embody the family’s hearts, minds and souls. It is not only the Colasurdo family’s labor of love, it is their beloved home.